Nippon Express Europe intensifies sustainability strategy with Cozero

Nippon Express Europe is set to realize the achievement of its sustainability goals in collaboration with Cozero.
Nippon Express Europe intensifies sustainability strategy with Cozero
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Elise Devaux
Elise Devaux
Marketing Lead

21 November 2023

Nippon Express Europe GmbH (hereafter “NX Europe”), a group company of the global Japanese logistics service provider, NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC., is set to realize the achievement of its sustainability goals in collaboration with the Climate Tech startup, Cozero, based in Berlin.


In NX Group’s pursuit of reducing its CO₂ emissions by 50 percent by 2030 as compared to 2013 (Scope 1, 2), the parent company, NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, Inc., submitted a letter of commitment to obtain Science Based Targets (SBTi) certification in May 2023.

The collaboration between NX Europe and Cozero stemmed from Cozero’s comprehensive, transparent, and agile end-to-end solution that holistically considers both logistical and non-logistical emissions, which supports the forecasting and planning of decarbonization efforts.

Within a few weeks, Cozero's Climate Action Platform was implemented at 30 European locations of the company for reporting Scope-1, Scope-2, and Scope-3 emissions. As a result, NX Europe is now able to implement customized local reduction strategies in alignment with SBT.

Olaf Zimmlinghaus, Executive Director - General Affairs and Finance EMEA at NX Europe, stated, "Achieving our sustainability goals to combat climate change holds a special place within the NX Group. Our well-defined sustainability goals are not only deeply embedded in our operations but also subject to continuous monitoring of success. The data-driven solution provided by Cozero enables us to implement sustainability  transformation into our corporate planning."

Helen Tacke, Co-founder and CEO of Cozero GmbH, commented, "The NX Group is an exceptional example of the integration of financial and sustainability performances. Recognizing that corporate strategy and sustainability must walk hand in hand is pivotal for transformative success. We are proud to be able to contribute with data insights and measures through our software solution to support this synergy. "

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Since its establishment in 1937, the NX GROUP has expanded its business from Japan to the entire world, contributing to societal development by connecting people, businesses, and regions through logistics. The NX GROUP has expanded its global presence with offices in 49 countries and regions, 316 cities, and 743 locations (as of the end of March 2023). In addition, in January 2022, the NX GROUP transitioned to a holding structure and introduced a new corporate brand, "NX."

About Cozero

Cozero is a leading provider of carbon management software for enterprises. Founded in Berlin in 2020 and winner of the German Sustainability Award 2022, Cozero empowers enterprises to take control of their environmental footprint and decarbonization journey. Its Climate Action Platform (CAP) offers seamless tracking, reduction, and reporting capabilities for corporate and product emissions in one end-to-end SaaS solution. Cozero’s unique approach helps organizations in high-emission sectors align sustainability performance with financial management for comprehensive decision-making. Industry leaders like Maersk, Mammut, Nippon Express, Funke, Forto, Vodafone, and Rhenus Logistics are already steering toward responsible sustainability practices with Cozero.


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