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About Cozero

We’re a leading provider of carbon management software for enterprises. Founded in Berlin in 2020 and winner of the German Sustainability Award 2022, we empower enterprises to take control of their environmental footprint and decarbonization journey.

Our Climate Action Platform (CAP) offers seamless tracking, reduction, and reporting capabilities for corporate and product emissions in one end-to-end SaaS solution.

With 22 million tonnes of CO2 emissions under management on our platform and more than 600 users worldwide, we’re on track to reach our goal of achieving a global reduction of 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2 by 2030.

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Cozero’s founding team

Helen Tacke

CEO and Co-founder
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Helen is a German entrepreneur, co-founder, and Managing Director of Cozero, a pioneering ClimateTech startup.

Before starting her entrepreneurial journey, Helen worked in different VC companies, providing financial funding for startups.

Now, as the driving force behind Cozero, Helen is revolutionizing digital and data-driven climate management. Her solution empowers organizations to effectively measure, forecast, and reduce carbon footprints, aligning with sustainability objectives.

Fabian Schwarzer

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Fabian is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in business consultancy and biotechnology startups.

His strategic experience at Roland Berger and Bank of America, and entrepreneurial learning as the cofounder of SHEV Labs uniquely position him to drive sustainability and innovation at Cozero.

Fabian is pivotal in guiding enterprises toward decarbonization, contributing significantly to global emissions reductions.  

Tiago Taveira

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Tiago, CTO at Cozero, brings 12 years of experience in software development and a track record of founding and contributing to tech startups like Cryptotesters and Airport AI.

His technology expertise from his experience at companies like SatoshiPay, OLX, and E.ON, makes him the ideal lead for developing Cozero's innovative Climate Action Platform.

Tiago's commitment to environmental responsibility and technological innovation makes him a driving force behind Cozero's mission to reduce carbon emissions globally.

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