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Cozero enables companies to effectively decarbonize and transform their business sustainably in light of financial implications.

Why did we start Cozero?

We believe that reducing the environmental impact of businesses is not only feasible - it implies an exciting opportunity for positive, collective change.  Our Carbon Action Platform delivers our vision for a well-managed transition to a low-carbon economy, channelling our optimism into helping companies take the necessary steps.

Fuelled by our confidence in a brigther future, we move quickly to craft solutions to the unique complexities of each company’s decarbonisation journey.  We put ourselves in your shoes to deliver the optimal experience for your business.

Meet our founding team

Tiago Taveira


Fabian Schwarzer


Helen Tacke

Our core goal at Cozero is to reduce complexity for companies managing their carbon footprint, so that they can become climate experts themselves. It is key to easily engage all stakeholders in order to foster change management. For these reasons, we developed our Carbon Action Platform.
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Helen Tacke

For a transition to a low carbon economy

In the fight to reverse climate change, Cozero aims to be the most vital tech enabler in the world’s transition to an economy of sustainable value creation.

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Our impact


Automated carbon actions


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Gt CO₂ reduced by 2030

We’re proudly advised by

Climate board

Tell Muenzing

Founder 1Transformation, Co-Founder SINE Foundation

Matthias Engel

Managing Partner at Vireo Ventures

Franziska Schütze

DIW Berlin

Advisors board

Andreas Fischler


Torben Schreiter

Angel Investor

André Christ

General Manager & Co-Founder LeanIX, an SAP Company

Gesine Haag


Andreas Rickert


Christian Richter

Chief Customer Officer - LeanIX, an SAP company

Henrik Larsen

Advisor, Board member

Maria Wasastjerna

Founding Partner, Kvanted Venture

Melanie Beyersdorf

Investment Manager, EnBW New Venture

Aurélie Nicolas

Investment Director, NewAlpha Management

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