Decarbonize your business strategically

A decarbonization software to guide your enterprise reduction efforts and help you deliver on your sustainability goals faster.

Set science-based climate targets
Model and forecast emissions
Identify and track emission reduction progress

30 + leaders use ACT to build their low-carbon strategies

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Turn your CO2 ambitions into measurable success

Better emission insights

Dashboard and off-the-shelf analytics help you quickly derive insights for impactful climate decisions.

Optimized strategy

Identify emission reduction pathways tailored to your enterprises and implement relevant decarbonization strategies.

Future-proof your business

Combine financial KPIs to guide sustainable decision-making and ensure sustainability efforts also serve the business interest.

Decarbonization simplified

Leverage scenario analysis to identify the most effective reduction pathways.
Build forecast projections effortlessly, empowering informed decision-making.
Automatically track and report the impact of climate actions.
Decarbonization software Act

Customized emission reduction plans

Connect with the accounting module and utilize accurate emission data to inform reduction efforts.
Set custom and granular targets for every scope based on scientific standards or business goals.
Get personalized insights on emission reduction pathways and relevant climate actions.
Decarbonization software Act

Relevant sustainability and financial KPIs

Account for business growth in the forecast modeling for realistic scenarios.
Combine costs and impact insights to choose climate actions.
Include financials and sustainability aspects when reporting on reduction efforts.
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Use Act for all your decarbonization projects

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Corporate Carbon Footprint

Calculate, collect, and centralize all the relevant emission data to assess the environmental impact of your entire organizational operations.

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Product Carbon Footprint

Evaluate the carbon footprint of individual products or lines of products and communicate it with internal or external customers.

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Supply chain emissions

Create visibility across your supply chain and improve Scope 3 reporting by gathering primary data from suppliers.

Identify and act on reduction opportunities today.

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1. Set targets

Set reduction targets to drive your decarbonization strategy.

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2. Forecast emissions

Understand emissions development based on company or activity growth.

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3. Identify action levers

Identify, implement, and track the impact of emission reduction measures.

User-friendly functionalities to streamline the decarbonization process

Emission forecast
Carbon target settings
Science-based recommendations
Climate actions templates
Cost analysis of carbon reduction initiatives
Solution marketplace

Scalable and enterprise-ready

Tailored to address the complexities of large organizations

Collaborate with unlimited users in limitless locations in a decentralized manner.
Handle emissions at scale, effortlessly import activity files of thousands of rows, and let our carbon engine calculate the emissions.
We prioritize interoperability to ensure smooth data exchange and seamless integration with your existing enterprise software.
Scalability of Log

Olaf Zimmlinghaus

Executive Director - General Affairs and Finance EMEA at NX Europe
Olaf Zimmlinghaus

Achieving our sustainability goals to combat climate change holds a special place within the NX Group. Our well-defined sustainability goals are not only deeply embedded in our operations but also subject to continuous monitoring of success. The data-driven solution provided by Cozero enables us to implement sustainability transformation into our corporate planning.

Christian Grosse

Maersk E-Delivery Chief Product Officer in Europe
Christian Grosse

With Cozero’s technology we can provide our customers with detailed information on their emissions on every step and component of their international parcels' journey. This will help them to make smart choices and significantly reduce their GHG footprint.

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

Jury of the German Sustainability Award
Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

What is remarkable is the high quality and transparency of the emission data, which can be managed in a simple and comprehensible way, thus facilitating decisions for the future. Alongside digitization, climate protection is one of the major transformation challenges of our time that all companies will have to face sooner or later. There is no question that this can only work in tune with economic success.

Tobias Steinegger

Head of Corporate Responsibility at Mammut Sports Group
Tobias Steinegger

Cozero‘s platform allows me to extract insightful reports on data analysis, which helps to ensure that we tackle the most important challenges first.  With a clear data entry process, different options for data ingestion and a well-arranged dashboard to store all relevant findings I am able to gain a holistic overview of our emission profile at Mammut.

Dominique Breuer

Sustainability Manager at OMR
Dominique Breuer

We don't just want to understand what OMR's carbon footprint is. We want to work specifically on reducing our emissions significantly. This year we laid the foundation by creating as much transparency as possible.

Lutz Fricke

Head of Sustainability at MOSOLF SE & Co. KG
Lutz Fricke

At MOSOLF, we are transforming our business model by “measuring, improving and talking”. The basis of every improvement is reliable measurement. With Cozero we work very closely on the constant development of our carbon footprint. Long-term and trusting cooperation is important to me personally. Because this is the only way we can improve sustainably. In this sense, Cozero is exactly the partner for us.

André Christ

CEO and Co-founder
André Christ

Cozero helped us professionalize our carbon emission tracking. Now, we are confident to take data-backed decisions on how to reduce our footprint.

Robert Reisch

CEO at Gentner Verlag
Robert Reisch

Cozero is a great solution, not only to manage emissions easily, but also to allow for the transformational shift of an organization. Content is one piece of the puzzle here.

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Reporting module

Ensure compliance and demonstrate performance to internal and external stakeholders within Share.

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