Carbon management solution for industrial manufacturing

Improve supply chain transparency and leverage accurate and transparent footprint reporting through product lifecycles. 

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a carbon management solution trusted by manufacturing leaders

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75% of scope 3 emissions are yet to be accounted for by logistics enterprises in carbon accounting.

Managing carbon emissions poses challenges for manufacturing enterprises due to complex supply chains, countless suppliers, intricate audits, reporting obligations, and complex product lines. Nested organizational structures add to the overall complexity.

Emission management tools streamline data collection, pinpoint emission hotspots, and address reporting and audit requirements. This empowers manufacturers to meet environmental regulations and transparency demands and proactively reduce emissions.

Comprehensive carbon management for manufacturers

We empower sustainability, supply chain, and operations professionals in the industrial manufacturing sector to enhance carbon reporting, decarbonize their operations and supply chains, and meet regulatory requirements.

Enhance emission data accuracy

Continuous data improvement

Understand the impacts of your purchased raw materials and manufacturing processes.
Improve precision over time with production volume, energy consumption, or material usage data points.
Leverage an extensive emission factors database built from industry references.
manufacturing emissions management

Streamline supply chain analysis

Supplier mapping and engagement

Mirror your organizational structure to represent production facilities, business units, and relationships with suppliers and customers.
Identify and mitigate emission hotspots in your supply chain.
Customize emission factors with supplier-specific data.
Manufacturing emissions management

Improve transparency from cradle-to-grave

Advanced Product Carbon Footprint capabilities

Automate emission calculations over the product lifecycle from raw materials input to end-of-life
Integrate automated reportings for CBAM and other reporting frameworks.
Share transparent PCF reports with customers.
Manufacturing emissions management

Optimize resources and decarbonize

Climate action and cost reduction

Identify emissions reduction opportunities across your organization and supply chain.
Build custom emissions forecast.
Assess the sustainability and financial impact of custom and recommended climate actions 
Manufacturing emissions reduction

We follow industry standards for compliant emissions reporting

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We serve all actors of the industry

Machinery and equipment

We enable insights into emissions across production processes, use of sold products, energy and resource optimization, aligning sustainability with financial goals, and saving time and resources.

Electrical and electronic products

We support manufacturers' efforts in carbon reporting throughout the supply chain and additionally provide methods for calculating emissions from the use of sold products.

Chemicals manufacturers

We help chemical companies simplify data collection, ensure compliance with regulations, and aid in risk assessment and mitigation to reduce operational risks while driving sustainability efforts.

Automotive components

We help automobile manufacturers and component suppliers accurately measure and reduce their carbon emissions, meet compliance requirements, and optimize sustainability efforts.

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

Jury of the German Sustainability Award
Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

What is remarkable is the high quality and transparency of the emission data, which can be managed in a simple and comprehensible way, thus facilitating decisions for the future. Alongside digitization, climate protection is one of the major transformation challenges of our time that all companies will have to face sooner or later. There is no question that this can only work in tune with economic success.

Dominique Breuer

Sustainability Manager at OMR
Dominique Breuer

We don't just want to understand what OMR's carbon footprint is. We want to work specifically on reducing our emissions significantly. This year we laid the foundation by creating as much transparency as possible.

Lutz Fricke

Head of Sustainability at MOSOLF SE & Co. KG
Lutz Fricke

At MOSOLF, we are transforming our business model by “measuring, improving and talking”. The basis of every improvement is reliable measurement. With Cozero we work very closely on the constant development of our carbon footprint. Long-term and trusting cooperation is important to me personally. Because this is the only way we can improve sustainably. In this sense, Cozero is exactly the partner for us.

Calculate your Product Carbon Footprint and share emission insights.

Discover our PCF module
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1. Create a product

Select the type of product you want to calculate emissions for.

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2. Set lifecycle stages

Specify the lifecycle stages you want to track and get pre-filled industry data.

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3. Upload activity

Invite team members and start collaborating on data collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your software help us prepare for regulations like the Supply Chain Act and CSRD?

Absolutely. Our software is designed to keep you compliant with evolving environmental regulations. We provide timely updates and automate data collection and reporting processes to ensure your submissions meet the emissions disclosure requirements related to the SCA and CSRD.

Where should we start with our decarbonization efforts using your software?

The Cozero software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to begin your decarbonization journey. Start by collecting accurate emissions data, then identify areas for improvement using our reporting and analytics features. You can create tailored decarbonization strategies based on your specific reduction goals and priorities.

Can your software provide detailed Scope 3 emissions data for our manufacturing company?

Yes, the Cozero platform offers detailed Scope 3 emissions data, allowing you to analyze emissions across your entire value chain. You can identify hotspots, collaborate with suppliers, and make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint effectively.

Can your software assist us in complying with the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)?

Absolutely. Our software simplifies the process of calculating and reporting carbon emissions associated with your manufacturing operations, helping you accurately measure emissions at a cradle-to-gate level. This is a crucial prerequisite for CBAM compliance and ensuring transparency in your carbon footprint reporting. With our supplier engagement module, you can invite suppliers to share CBAM relevant data points and calculate a PCF for the CBAM goods they produce. 

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