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Measure, reduce and report your company's carbon footprint

Use the Climate Action Platform for seamless and end-to-end management of carbon emissions

Log your emissions

Data collection

Ingest activity data from diverse sources in a few clicks through a robust data entry interface via bulk upload or API.

Emission calculation

Get footprint data automatically from our emission calculation engine and 40k+ emission factors database or custom factors.

Activity analysis

Build dashboard reports and get detailed insights into emissions patterns and sustainability performance.

carbon accounting software

Act on emissions 

Target setting

Establish precise emission reduction targets effortlessly, using intuitive and customizable goal-setting features.

Forecast building

Build precise future emission scenario models at the location level in a few clicks.

Climate actions

Track and evaluate the sustainability and financial impacts of your climate initiatives.

carbon management

Share the journey

Data reporting

Build and extract transparent and detailed data reporting on your emissions and climate actions.

Stakeholder engagement

Share reports and data points with internal and external stakeholders. 

Audit management

Transparently invite auditors to the platform to streamline review processes.

Carbon emissions reporting

Solutions for every step of your journey

Calculate your Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) 

Comprehensively measure your corporate environmental impact with our granular carbon footprint calculator.

Calculate your Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Gain insights on your product impact throughout the analysis of the emissions value chain and identify areas for improvement.

Engage with suppliers

Request data directly from your suppliers and improve Scope 3 emissions granularity and reporting.

Why choose Cozero’s carbon management software

Enterprise features

Reduce complexity with automation, decentralized collaboration, and digital mapping for multi-level structures.

Integration with business processes

Integrate carbon management into your day-to-day operations and financial activities.

Scenario modelling and planification tools

Professionalize your decarbonization strategy with tailored plans and informed decisions.

Regulatory compliance support

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and provide transparency to auditors.

Supply chain transparency

Map your supply chain activity in our PCF module and involve suppliers directly in the data collection process.

Industry-specific tools

Leverage emission factor data, integrations, and benchmark analysis relevant to your industry. 

Availability, scalability, security

Benefits from enterprise-grade security and support

24/7 on-call support to troubleshoot critical issues
Support for large datasets, hundreds of users, and locations
Integration with third-party systems and real-time API access
Encryption using the TLS 1.3 protocol and SSH key-based authentication
Cloud-based hosting for scalability and reliability
SAML authentication and access control  
Scalability of Log

API integration

Integrate our Climate API within enterprises systems

Calculate the carbon profile of orders and share it with your customers
Feed your energy and other activity data automatically
Make use of climate insights in your business intelligence reports
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Cozero API

Discover how enterprises are using Cozero’s carbon management platform

How Mammut identifies carbon hotspots with Cozero

How Mammut identifies carbon hotspots with Cozero

With Tobias Steinegger, Head of Corporate Responsibility

How Cozero helped LeanIX to advance in carbon management

How Cozero helped LeanIX to advance in carbon management

With André Christ, LeanIX CEO and Co-founder

LichtBlick balances its footprint along its entire supply chain with Cozero

LichtBlick balances its footprint along its entire supply chain with Cozero

With Dr. Corine Veithen, Climate protection expert and Senior Manager Projects & Campaigns

Begin your sustainability transformation

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