LichtBlick balances its footprint along its entire supply chain with Cozero

With Dr. Corine Veithen, Climate protection expert and Senior Manager Projects & Campaigns

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Dr. Corine Veithen
Dr. Corine Veithen
Climate protection expert and Senior Manager Projects & Campaigns
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Carbon accounting

By working with Cozero, LichtBlick has balanced its footprint along its entire supply chain for the first time. Over the months, LichtBlick's team has expanded the breadth and depth of their carbon accounting by using the platform, including more emissions modules in their accounting, and realizing the importance of looking ahead and monitoring the sustainability of product portfolios and their growth. In addition to the direct cooperation, Cozero also supports and accompanies LichtBlick customers on their way to climate neutrality via the joint B2B partnership.

The challenge

When we started working on our CO₂ footprint, we had the same problem as many others: potential emission sources distributed throughout the company that lay in the area of responsibility of very different colleagues and that had not previously been treated as emission sources," says Dr. Corine Veithen, Senior Manager Projects & Campaigns at LichtBlick. said Dr. Corine Veithen, Climate protection expert and Senior Manager Projects & Campaigns at LichtBlick


  • Identification of the correct emission factorsDetermination of emission factors and their flexible adjustment over the years thanks to extensive knowledge and transparency across all available databases
  • Determination of relevant KPIsDetermination of specific KPIs (e.g. emissions/kWh) to determine reduction targets, to help adjust product portfolios and to review climate strategy
  • CO₂ calculation of digital marketing campaignsIdentifying emissions from digital advertising campaigns, implementing the results in the log area on the platform, and thus developing an understanding of the climate impact of marketing campaigns for each company
  • Involvement of all relevant stakeholdersIn addition to project managers and sustainability experts, all departments and management were involved in the CO₂ balancing process.

How Cozero supports LichtBlick in carbon management

LichtBlick currently uses Cozero Log to obtain a holistic overview of emissions across the entire product portfolio. The platform's ability to provide different people with different access rights, as well as the clarity of the entire log area and the option to flexibly create different balance sheets (logs), helps LichtBlick with carbon management.

Dr. Corine Veithen describes: "The platform is a really understandable and an easy-to-use tool in which all colleagues collaboratively enter their sources for suitable time periods. The platform then calculates emissions transparently, comprehensibly and automatically, as well as predefined key figures and KPIs - and in time frames that can be chosen as needed. This gives us an up-to-date overview of the company's CO₂ footprint at all times."

Looking ahead, Dr. Corine Veithen emphasizes, "Also, the ability to model the development of product portfolios via the scenario planning feature and the ability to look into the carbon footprint of the future are enormously helpful in aligning the business." Based on the carbon footprint, the Cozero Scenario Builder allows the targeted derivation of optimized decarbonization strategies and the implementation of Cozero Act solutions.

The advantages of using Cozero include transparency across a wide range of emissions sources and the aggregation of all data in the platform's dashboard. This can be designed with specially defined key figures, such as the KPI of "emissions per kWh" defined by LichtBlick. The platform thus also provides an overview of past emissions as well as the current emissions status in all areas at any time, ranging from department-specific listings to an overview by location and individual activities.

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