Discover Cozero’s carbon management platform

Discover Cozero’s carbon management platform

Read on to learn more about the Climate Action Platform, Cozero's carbon management platform for enterprises. Discover its modules, key features, real-world applications, and benefits for logistics and manufacturing businesses.

Elise Devaux
Elise Devaux
May 29, 2024
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With numerous options available for companies to begin their climate journey, we know that deciding on a climate path for your organization can be difficult. In this article, we introduce Cozero's Climate Action Platform, detailing its features, real-world applications, and advantages for businesses in the logistics and manufacturing industries.

Cozero’s carbon management solution

In 2020, the founders of Cozero launched the company to address a climate solution gap and the need for business to manage their emissions independently. With the support of partners and customers from the logistics, media, and manufacturing industries, Cozero's Climate Action Platform (CAP) came to life.

Cozero’s founders Helen Tacke, Fabian Schwarzer and Tiago Taveira - Credit photo Viktor Strasse

CAP is a comprehensive enterprise carbon management software designed to track emissions, build reports, and reduce CO2 footprints. Created with sustainability and ESG professionals, as well as procurement and supply chain managers in mind, it integrates sustainability into the business logic so that enterprises can drive sustainability and economic success. 

The platform allows teams to aggregate all climate data sources in one place, calculate and analyze emissions across Scope 1-3, manage supplier emissions, build forecasts and reduction plans, and share and report results.

The Climate Action Platform is a SaaS tool that can be used by enterprises across all industries but with specific support for the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Our users are part of middle-to-large businesses either starting their carbon accounting journey or already moving ahead to reach their emissions reduction goals.

carbon accounting platform
The Climate Action Platform is a carbon management platform developed by Cozero

Cozero’s core modules: Log, Act, and Share

Our platform features three core modules: Log, Act, and Share, designed to facilitate your carbon management process from data collection to reporting and action.

Log is a carbon accounting module designed to bring autonomy to teams responsible for climate data collection and analysis. It offers a collaborative data entry interface for ingesting activity data from diverse sources (bulk import, API, Excel files), which automatically feeds the emissions calculation engine. 

We have compiled over 40,000 emission factors from public and proprietary databases to support granular and precise calculations. Users can access the methodology to bring transparency into documentation and reports. 

Log includes a collection of reports to help you answer questions about emission patterns and sustainability performances. 

carbon accunting module of Cozero
The Log module is a carbon accounting tool to collect, measure and analysis emissions data aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Act is our second module, a decarbonization tool to help enterprises set targets, as well as identify, prioritize, and track emissions reduction initiatives. 

The target setting and forecast features of Act aid in setting science-based climate targets based on global recommendation and Log reporting data. They also allow for building emission scenario models and gaining insights into emission reduction pathways.

Act embeds impact features that leverage historical and industry data to help teams evaluate the climate and financial impacts of their initiatives. 

Cozero decarbonization module
Act is a climate action strategy builder and decarbonization module that can help you decarbonize your enterprises and products.

Share is Cozero CAP's emissions reporting module. It’s all about helping teams report their emissions and engage with various stakeholders (auditors, internal, customers, etc.). 

It provides export functionalities to build environmental reports like CDP or company reports and a read-only mode for auditors needing external data access.

What you can do with the Cozero carbon management platform

With CAP, sustainability stakeholders can develop comprehensive Corporate Carbon Footprint reporting. Companies can track and report their overall carbon footprint, including Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from energy use), and Scope 3 (all other indirect emissions). This comprehensive reporting helps identify major emission sources and areas for improvement.

With the Product Carbon Footprint module, businesses can analyze the carbon footprint of individual products, or lines of products, throughout their lifecycle. This includes emissions from raw materials, manufacturing processes, transportation, and end-of-life disposal. PCF analysis enables companies to make more sustainable product decisions and communicate these efforts to consumers.

The platform also facilitates supplier collaboration through the Supplier Engagement Module to manage and reduce emissions across the supply chain. The data sharing and communication tools are designed to help businesses work with their suppliers to implement sustainable practices and achieve mutual carbon reduction goals.

Feature highlights of the Climate Action Platform

Cozero’s Climate Action Platform is designed to cover your entire corporate carbon journey, from data collection to reduction and reporting. We also have a few features that our customers appreciate and that make our product stand out.

  • ROCI (Return on Carbon Investment) is a metric developed by Cozero to measure the financial return of carbon reduction initiatives. It helps companies quantify the economic benefits of their sustainability efforts, making it easier to prioritize projects with the highest financial and environmental impact and secure investments in carbon reduction projects. Users can find these KPIs in features such as the Impact Calculator, which provides the footprint and financial impact for a curated list of highly relevant climate actions.
  • Cozero’s Digital Twin feature creates a virtual model of the company’s organizational structure and emission activities. This allows users to visualize the impact of various business units or operational entities on the company's total footprint. By mapping emissions to specific activities, the Digital Twin helps understand the contribution of different parts of the organization to overall emissions, facilitating more targeted and effective reduction strategies.
digital twin feature of Cozero
Cozero’s Digital Twin functionality lets you map your organization and reporting structure into the platform.

Thanks to our APIs, the Climate Action Platform integrates with your existing enterprise systems. It is compatible with popular data management tools, ERPs, and other fleet management systems, so users can easily import and export data. This interoperability makes it easier for companies to aggregate all relevant climate data and gain comprehensive insights.

Specificities for the logistics and manufacturing industries

Cozero's carbon management platform is specifically designed to cater to the needs of logistics and manufacturing companies.

For logistics, it can provide detailed emission calculations for all transport modes and integrates directly with EcotransIT World to calculate granular emissions for purchased logistics activities. By leveraging industry-specific emission factors and standardized methodologies like GHG Protocol and ISO 14083, it ensures logistics companies accurate, transparent reporting and effective data management. 

carbon management logistics

In the manufacturing sector, CAP helps companies understand the impacts of raw materials and manufacturing processes, creating comprehensive emissions profiles across the entire product lifecycle. It facilitates supply chain analysis and helps with supplier engagement. The Product Carbon Footprint capabilities and automated reporting improve transparency, helping manufacturers optimize resources and implement effective emissions reduction strategies.

carbon management manufacturing

Why companies trust Cozero’s carbon management platform

Cozero's Climate Action Platform is trusted by over 65 global enterprises and 600 users who leverage its capabilities to enhance their sustainability efforts. From logistics to manufacturing, our platform is helping companies across various sectors achieve significant reductions in their carbon footprint. 

  • With emission accounting, reporting, and reduction capabilities in one platform, CAP helps streamline data management of companies’ climate journey. Centralizing all data in one platform reduces the complexity and time spent on data collection and analysis. For example, LeanIX used Cozero to automate its data entry process, saving hundreds of hours annually.
  • The platform's transparent methodology and comprehensive reporting capabilities enhance the credibility of sustainability reports and reduce risks associated with compliance. For example, LichtBlick obtained a holistic overview of emissions across its entire product portfolio and transparent information on calculation methods. 
  • Advanced analytics features and ROCI metrics empower companies to make data-driven decisions that optimize financial performance and environmental impact. For instance, Mammut is able to granularly map and allocate emissions to specific emission categories, identifying key areas for targeted reduction efforts.
  • Engaging suppliers and other stakeholders in the carbon management process fosters a collaborative approach to sustainability. With capabilities like multi-users or Digital Twins, companies can facilitate seamless collaboration. Sustainability teams, procurement managers, and other relevant stakeholders can work together in real time, accessing and updating data as needed. This collective effort ensures that all departments are aligned with the company’s sustainability goals and can contribute their unique insights and capabilities.  

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Download our two-page guide to learn more about how Cozero's Climate Action Platform benefits, or book a demo to learn how we can help you transform your carbon management efforts and drive sustainable growth.

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