Cozero and EcotransIT World integration

Cozero and EcotransIT World integration

With this integration, we are bringing EcoTransIT World’s tools and methodology for calculating purchased logistics emissions of the transport sector to the Cozero platform. 

Elise Devaux
Elise Devaux
March 18, 2024
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Cozero equips enterprises with an end-to-end carbon management solution to comprehensively measure, reduce, and report on corporate and product emissions. With this integration, we are bringing EcoTransIT World’s tools and methodology for calculating purchased logistics emissions of the transport sector to the Cozero platform. Sustainability and ESG stakeholders get granular insights into logistics emissions and a comprehensive approach to data-driven carbon footprint management.

About EcotransIT World

EcoTransIT World is a flexible tool for complex calculations that supports companies to calculate and optimise their emissions and energy consumption. The software is accredited by Smart Freight Centre (SFC) to be in accordance with the GLEC Framework, and meets the requirements of EN 16258 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. ETW allows calculation of complete transport chains across all modes of transport (truck, train, ocean-going vessels, inland water vessels, aircraft) including transshipments/warehousing worldwide on the basis of a scientific and neutral methodology.

Benefits of using the integration of EcoTransIT World with Cozero

Comprehensive emissions insight: Gain the most detailed view of your logistics emissions across all transport modes, from trucks and ships to airplanes, trains, and inland waterways, and account for it as part of your global Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).

Accurate decarbonization plans: Leverage precise logistics emissions data to formulate and implement effective decarbonization strategies, using insights to forecast logistics emissions or plan reduction initiatives.

Time efficiency: Simplify your emissions reporting process and workflows, saving valuable time for sustainability stakeholders with ISO 14083 and GLEC-compliant reporting.

Data-driven decisions: Make informed decisions using visualization and data analysis tools to minimize your environmental footprint and easily report the total emission per transport mode or life cycle stage, for example.

Easy supplier optimization: Connect your transport emissions to your logistics supplier portfolio and identify the most relevant partners for reduction by comparing the total emissions per supplier per transport mode, for example.

How it works

Users of the Cozero platform have two methods to harness the power of this integration: importing an emission file or calculating the emissions from the Cozero platform using the EcoTransIT tools.

This process ensures that your emissions data, including activity data and calculated emissions, are directly accounted for within Cozero’s platform. This approach is relevant if you have historical data in EcoTransIT World that you want to include in footprint reporting.

This process simplifies the activity entry and saves time on activity reporting while offering detailed insights into purchased logistics emissions with enhanced granularity and accuracy. For non-users of EcoTransIT World, you benefit from streamlined access to granular calculations that support the creation of ISO14083-compliant reports.

Getting started

As a Cozero user, you can leverage the EcoTransIT World integration in simple steps:

  • Choose your preferred method of emissions calculation: direct import of your emissions data from EcoTransIT World or calculation using your company’s activity data in Cozero’s Climate Action Platform.
  • Utilize our EcoTransIT World bulk template for easy emission calculation via EcoTransIT World servers or upload your EcoTransIT World output file into Cozero Log for immediate Log creation and analysis of results in the Cozero platform.
  • Explore Cozero’s dashboard to analyze your emissions data and access tailored decarbonization recommendations in Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical prerequisites for enabling this integration? There are no prerequisites; simply be a user of Cozero and have logistics data ready for analysis. Your Account Manager can help you define the proper method and explain the contractual details to enable the integration in your account.

How much logistics data do I need to get started? To get started, you only need basic data such as the shipment weight, its origins and destination, and the transport modes. You can then complement this with additional data points such as fuel type, load factor, or emission classes to increase the calculation accuracy.

Should I use the EcoTransIT World integration or use Cozero’s built-in logistics emission calculations? When purchased logistic services are a significant Scope 3 category in your Corporate Carbon Footprint, we recommend using the integration for maximum granularity.

How secure is my data within this integration? We prioritize data security, ensuring all information is encrypted and handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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