How Mammut identifies carbon hotspots with Cozero

With Tobias Steinegger, Head of Corporate Responsibility

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Mammut faced the challenge of finding the right level of granularity for their carbon accounting with the data available. Due to the fact that Mammut aims to get a detailed picture of their carbon footprint – and especially their highest contributing category “Purchased Goods and Services” – in order to analyze and decarbonize effectively. With Cozero, Mammut is able to have a structured overview and full transparency over their accounted activities and the emission factors used, which puts full control and power in their own hands.


  • Data availability & reliability in all three scopes
  • Accurate hotspot identification
  • Correct emission factor attribution to different use cases

One of the main challenges Mammut faced with regard to carbon accounting was the data availability and reliability, especially if covering all three scopes and categories. Here, the main difficulty was to find the right level of detail for each category. For Mammut, “Purchased Goods and Services” is the main contributor to the company’s overall footprint. These impacts occur during the production of materials and products, which requires a high granularity in this category. Even more so, since Mammut’s goal is not only to report their carbon footprint, but also to identify hotspots, define possible measures, and report the improvements during the next iteration. Consequently, Mammut quickly realized that common calculation models in Excel are limited in fulfilling these high requirements.With the Cozero Platform they now have transparency of all accounts and the power of accounting and controlling in their own hands, which serves as one single source of truth.

Another challenge is to find the right emission factors for specific use cases. Additionally, Mammut experienced that carbon accounting hasn’t been very accessible to most of the employees, and often sits within specific departments. However, to successfully transform the business, the carbon footprint needs to be integrated in everyone’s daily work. Technical data sheets in Excel and complex data entry processes are difficult to get people involved with. Also, carbon accounting and the requirements towards the results in terms of accuracy are constantly increasing.


In my role, I am responsible for analyzing Mammut’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, identifying hotspots and recommending measures to improve our company’s carbon footprint. Cozero is an essential tool for me on this journey. With a clear data entry process, different options for data ingestion and a well-arranged dashboard to store all relevant findings I am able to gain a holistic overview of our emission profile at Mammut. stated Tobias Steinegger, Sustainability Analyst at Mammut
  • Granularity of the result: The results can be presented at every level of detail needed for all scopes and categories. This helps Mammut to identify the carbon hotspots exactly where they occur.
  • Wide range of emission factors: A large library of average emission factors for most of the activities and the opportunity to add own industry specific emission factors where needed.
  • Easy & efficient data entry: The manual data entry is easy and more efficient than in conventional excel tools.
  • Adaptability of the platform: The Cozero Platform offers many opportunities to customize according to specific needs.
  • Decentralized carbon accounting & management: The platform helps to let people from different departments partake for the impacts they have in their daily activities.
Cozero‘s platform allows me to extract insightful reports on data analysis, which helps to ensure that we tackle the most important challenges first.

Why Mammut and Cozero make a good team

At Mammut, we have set ourselves the goal ‘to create a world moved by mountains’. Whilst our responsibly manufactured goods enable people to explore the great outdoors, we also recognize their impact on the environment. In response, we have developed an ambitious climate strategy, and Cozero ensures that it is built upon reliable and granular data, said Adrian Huber, Head of Corporate Responsibility

Since Mammut’s founding in 1862, mountain landscapes have changed dramatically. As a result, environmental and social responsibility was first defined within their strategic business agenda in 2006. Challenges with international supply chains were addressed through collaborations with industry experts and external monitoring systems and partners, including Fair Wear Foundation and bluesign®. As a primary signatory of the UN's Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action in 2018, Mammut put the climate crisis on the top of their strategic agenda.

Verified through the Science-based Targets Initiative, Mammut’s goal is to more than halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2018, their baseline year. This requires the company to challenge every area of their current business practices. To become net zero requires a cut of at least 90% of emissions and to remove all unavoidable CO₂ emissions from the atmosphere. Investing in innovative technologies will be how Mammut aims to remove the rest.

Cozero enables organizations to include sustainability and decarbonization into their overall strategy. Cozero is driven by the belief  that reducing the environmental impact of businesses is not only feasible but also implies an exciting opportunity for positive, collective change. The Climate Action Platform delivers the vision for a well-managed transition to a low-carbon economy, channeling optimism into helping companies take the necessary steps. Sustainability should not only be a tool used for marketing purposes but be implemented in the core of an organization.

Together, Mammut and Cozero aim to set a new status quo for the fashion industry and to change it for the better. Find out more about Mammut‘s ambition here.

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